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Why I Abandoned Beachbody

My workout journey has been topsy turvy over the past few years. I have gone to early morning classes at the Y or other local gym, done home workouts either with television shows or dvds or off the internet, run outside, run on the treadmill, and ridden my bike. In November of 2017, against my better judgment, I allowed a Beachbody coach (who turns out had stalked me on Instagram for the sole purpose of signing me onto her "team") to talk me into signing up to be a coach. For several months, for my own accountability, I had been posting my workouts on Instagram. That is where she found me. I hate direct sales. I hate pyramid schemes. I always SWORE I would not do it. But, she made it sound great and, hey, I would be helping people get fit! If only that was the true intent behind Beachbody. They can say it is all they want, but what they really want is to make money. And you need to know that. And you need to know that you are only a dollar sign. And you need to know that yo…

A New Year, the Same Me

Happy 2019!

It is that day of the year where everybody is up extra early starting their new exercise routine, eating only healthy foods, cracking open the pages of a new planner and Bible study, and debuting their Word for the year.

You chuckle or roll your eyes, but you are doing at least three of these things. By the way, so am I.

So let's start with the Word of the Year. Mine this year is Lagom. It's the Swedish word for "not too little, not too much, just right". It's a concept of being, doing or having just enough.

So let's rewind to last New Year's Day. My Word was Might. And that's how I planned to tackle my year. And, I did. I worked out hard, I mommed hard, I traveled hard, I worked hard. And it was a good season. It prepared the way for this year. I accepted the Challenge I set for myself and succeeded.

But, I don't need to keep up that pace. I am at a place in my life where I can kind of sit back and enjoy my life without feeling like …