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A New Year, the Same Me

Happy 2019!

It is that day of the year where everybody is up extra early starting their new exercise routine, eating only healthy foods, cracking open the pages of a new planner and Bible study, and debuting their Word for the year.

You chuckle or roll your eyes, but you are doing at least three of these things. By the way, so am I.

So let's start with the Word of the Year. Mine this year is Lagom. It's the Swedish word for "not too little, not too much, just right". It's a concept of being, doing or having just enough.

So let's rewind to last New Year's Day. My Word was Might. And that's how I planned to tackle my year. And, I did. I worked out hard, I mommed hard, I traveled hard, I worked hard. And it was a good season. It prepared the way for this year. I accepted the Challenge I set for myself and succeeded.

But, I don't need to keep up that pace. I am at a place in my life where I can kind of sit back and enjoy my life without feeling like I need to prove anything to myself or anyone else. I have enough and really don't want more, from a materialistic standpoint. I have a wonderful family, flawed and all, to fulfill the socialization and intimacies needed in my life. I have great kids and grandkid(s), a wonderful home, and the means to live a peaceful life. Why muck it up with more schedules and expectations and stress?

So this year, it's kind of a "going back to the basics" kind of year with these goals ...

* as empty a schedule as I can muster
* attempting to get in 30 minutes of cardio walking/jogging a day, either outside or on my treadmill with a little bit of strength training thrown in
* working to put nourishing foods in my body, paying attention to my blood sugar, and attempting to reduce chemicals and too many carbs
* drinking water throughout the day to keep my body hydrated and my energy level up
* sticking to my budget I have so carefully prepared
* saving money for experiences
* having experiences
* daily self care in the way of a glass of wine, an epsom bath, and a good book
* priority of a good night's sleep
* daily devotion to my job of which God has blessed me immensely
* a chapter a day of the Bible with some thought to life application

And that's pretty much it.

I am going to do just enough, not too little and not too much.


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