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A Thomas Jefferson Education "This Week in History" ~ Schoolhouse Review

Talk about a GOLD MINE! A Thomas Jefferson Education's This Week in History by Rachel DeMille is her "labor of love" ... and I absolutely LOVE it!

"This Week in History is a daily resource that brings your home school or classroom to life." For just $9.99 per month, you can log onto and click the "This Week in History" link to obtain many, many, many resources tied to specific events that occurred in the upcoming week in history. Or even better, you can receive the summaries and links to ALL resources right in your email Inbox each week! It doesn't get any easier than that!


What does this really look like in real life?

Each week, I receive an email from Rachel DeMille that sets out each date of the coming week. Under the date, there are listed anywhere from one to several events that occurred in history on that date. THEN there are ALL kinds of things to do related to that event, such as books to read, websites to visit, activities to do related to math, science, language skills, geography, and more.

Would you like to see an example? Here are the suggested events and activities for the week of January 4-10. I am specifically giving you the example for January 4th.

January 4

Do you know what today is?

These brothers’ tales live in the imagination of children around the world. Who are they? (Hint: The one in the foreground celebrates his birthday today…)

doppelportrait grimm Sample Week 3

1785: Jakob (sometimes anglicized as Jacob) Grimm was born.

Both Jakob (1785-1863) and his brother Wilhelm Karl (1786-1859) were born in Hanau, Germany. Following in their father’s footsteps, both boys began to study law, but they had tremendous interest in German poetry and folklore.

They are best known for their collections of German fairy tales and for producing the German Dictionary, a pioneer effort that served as a model for later lexicographers. The first volume of Grimm’s Fairy Tales (1812) contained 86 stories; the second published in 1815, contained 70.

(from the TJEd This Week in History website)

I just don't know how this resource could be any better. It is so fun to get this e-mail each week and look at the plethora of suggested activities. And they are RELEVANT which is exactly how I like to teach!!

This is a resource that I plan to use very frequently this year. I almost wish I wouldn't have planned anything outside of it this year and used it exclusively. Right now I am planning to pick one event per week and work it in. It's going to be really hard to choose which event to do each week, and I wish I had time to do them all.


You can do this same by going to the TJEd website at the This Week in History link. I have made it easy for you and you can click HERE to do it.

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{Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was provided this product free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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