Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop ~ The "Classroom"

Where do you DO school? Some homeschools have designated classrooms (that are SO COOL, often times very color-coordinated and such). Some don't. We have done it all.

When we started, I just knew we were "school ROOM" people. I like structure, consistency, order. And, I always wanted to be a school teacher when I was little, so I would get to have a teacher's desk.

But I was surprised to learn that I hated being confined to that desk and that room. There was no creativity, freedom, fun. It was ... well ... school. Blech!

So now we do school wherever we feel like it, with some exceptions. With moving into our new home, I had to put some thought into how we would do things. I just piggy-backed off what we have been doing that has been successful, and this is what I have come up with ...

This is our dining room. It has the most light, the most room, and is central in our home.

My desk is in the dining room. It is an antique teacher's desk (so I still get that desk I always wanted). My mom gave it to me. It's perfect!

When we are doing instruction-type work, the kids will sit here at the table.

Or at this desk when writing. (I want to get another one for Eli). I like for them to write at an arm-level-appropriate desk.

When we are reading or discussing, we will likely be here, on our couch.

This will also be an important area for us. Most science activities will take place with the kids sitting here at the counter. But I imagine they will also end up doing a lot of school work in here, too. It seems the kids are often doing school work while I am cooking, especially spelling words.

I haven't worked out all the kinks yet for where we will keep our daily school books, but for now they are on those shelves in the kitchen under the stools.

Nature will be, of course, in nature, and primarily at our community park. It is wonderful!! We'll also spend lots of time on our porch.

I have the perfect closet in our hall for storing all of our supplies.

This is an old sewing machine that was my grandma's. I have worn many outfits made from this sewing machine. Since I don't sew, I am using it as a table to hold our modem and some school supplies. I am going to replace those buckets with mason jars so it looks a little nicer.

I also have a really cool shelf that used to be my mom and dad's, back when they got married, that I am going to paint and put baskets in to hold "stuff". I will probably have to put it in the sitting room around the corner.

I think that we will really enjoy doing school in our new home. It seems to have everything exactly how we need it. We are super excited for a year of learning here! There is so much to explore.

I almost didn't get this post up in time (we just got internet last night), but I am linking up at the last moment at iHomeschool Network. Go look at some other fabulous schooling spaces.


  1. Look at you!! Everything looks fantastic. I can only image how exhausted you must be. I had hoped to join in the blog hop as well, but I am still working on it. I am in a huge transition as my youngest is now 9 and it is time to purge a lot of stuff!

  2. Love it! We have been all over our home too. If we were not gonna list the house for sale we would still be mainly dinning room homeschoolers, but we r trying to make the rooms user friendly for all! Lol. Thanks for sharing! Blessing

  3. Your new home looks lovely, Nicole! So many lovely places to learn. I can't believe how much you accomplished on the house so quickly. Have a great start to your year.

  4. Nicole, I think I'm having "house envy". Your new home is just beautiful! I love the dining room!

  5. I just read all your posts I have missed! Love your new home! been keeping up with your personal blog too! What a journey!

  6. Oh, that last comment was from Little d big d blog. hehe :)

  7. Wow, Nicole! I can't believe all that you have accomplished in such a short time! You rock! The house looks great! Enjoy this new season in your journey!


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