Friday, August 17, 2012

Vocab Videos ~ Schoolhouse Review

You remember doing it, right? ... writing endless vocabulary words on one side of your notebook paper that was folded in half lengthwise with the definition on the other half. Then the night before the test you would write the vocab words on one side of an index card and the definition on the other side so that you could drill yourself. You'd have a pile of words you knew and words you didn't. And, if you are a parent, you have held those index cards up for your kids so that they could regurgitate the answers back onto a test. BORING! And how many of those words did you really remember to be used in real life?


Enter Vocab Videos, an entertaining way to learn the possible 500 vocabulary words that will be on the SAT.

Vocab Videos was developed by experienced educators looking for a better way to teach vocabulary. The system combines memorable videosfeaturing 500 key SAT vocabulary words—and cutting edge learning tools to offer an engaging and highly effective vocabulary learning solution.
 (from the Vocab Videos website)

Vocab Videos is loaded with quirky and memorable videos to help students remember the real meanings of the vocabulary words in real life, albeit silly, videos. To me, the videos were a little over-the-top. But I was quick to remember how I typically recall the specifics of products that have the most outrageous commercials, that totally annoy me at the time. (Vocab Videos are not annoying, just crazy, silly fun.)

My son, age 15, was reluctant to watch the videos. And, at his stage in life, he thought they were memorable but goofy and didn't want to continue watching them. However, he said that if he was studying for the SAT, this would be a GREAT alternative study tool for the vocabulary words, as opposed to the usual index card system.

Another great thing about the program, is that there are other tools available, such as worksheets, flashcards, quizzes, and a corresponding workbook (the workbook is a separate cost of $11.99). A sample flashcard is:


There are several packages available, depending on the number of students you have. The "Small" Plan is what would be used for homeschool families, at a cost of $74.95 per year. That is pricey, in my opinion, and wish there was a home educator plan that was much less expensive. However, if you would like to try the program for FREE, you can go to the Vocab Videos site and register for one free month.

To read other reviews about Vocab Videos, go to this Schoolhouse Review Crew link.


{Disclaimer: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I was provided this product free in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}

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