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Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Dream

Our Weekly Wrap-up is going to look a little different this week. We did normal schoolwork this week, but I thought I would share where our focus has been ...

This week we have been on a journey of Dreaming by exploring the Dream Exhibit by The Legacy Project.

The jumping point for our study was the book Dream by Susan Bosak.

Believe, Do, Think: This triad represents what author Susan Bosak calls the "core essence" of reaching for life dreams. It's based on social science research that has looked at how people achieve dreams and goals throughout their life. It has multiple meanings:
1) Pursuing a dream requires believing in it, acting upon it, and making strategic, thoughtful choices; 2) There must be a unity of spirit, body, and mind; 3) We need psychological and social qualities from all stages of life – childhood, young adulthood, and older adulthood – to succeed; 4) We also need to learn from the past (think), live fully in the present (do), and continue to build for the future (believe).

 Dream by Susan V. Bosak
Remarkable illustrations from 15 internationally acclaimed artists complement a beautifully poetic story that celebrates living and dreaming. Children will discover all the possibilities within themselves and adults will be reminded that their best can be just ahead.

We spent the week reading some other suggested books and doing related activities. On Monday, we started with the book Zoom by Istvan Banyai.

 Zoom by Istvan Banyai
Zoom in--what do you see? Two children playing on a farm. Zoom out--what do you see? One child playing with a toy farm. Don't stop zooming yet--just when you think you know where you are, guess again. Nothing is as it seems--and there's nothing to do but hang on tight as this tilt-a-whirl goes zooming by.

We engaged in a fun activity where Brynne stood a long distance away from an object (a decorative pile of rocks) in our neighbor's yard. She told me what she saw and then moved closer. Then she told me what she saw then. And so on. She ended up with a magnifying glass to look at it up-close-and-personal. Then she would take steps back and stop when she couldn't see certain objects that were revealed to her. We learned:  The closer you get to something, the more you can learn about it.

On Tuesday, we read Three Cheers for Catherine the Great by Cari Best and made stained glass stars.  In the book, a star is found on each page of art and represents the journey of a dream. They really turned out neat.

Three Cheers for Catherine the Great by Cari Best
When Sara's grandma, Catherine the Great, suddenly announces, "This year for my birthday, I want no presents! I have music in my Russian bones, and laughing in my heart. I have the day and the night, and I have all of you, " Sara is surprised. How can Grandma have a birthday party with no presents?"Her mama explains that a No Present can be anything from a kiss or a hug to a game of gin rummy -- as long as it comes from deep inside you. But what kind of No Present would be good enough for Catherine the Great? Mr. Minsky, Monica and her dad, Mary Caruso and her baby, Mimmo, already have good ideas. But it isn't until Sara is surrounded by Grandma's bundles of Russian newspapers and books that she gets her own idea: She will teach Grandma to read and write English. This lively borscht-and-blintzes birthday celebration shows that sometimes No Presents can be the best presents of all.

That day we also had a discussion suggested by my friend, Megan, who is also sharing this journey with us:  Psalm 37:3-4 ~ Your Heart's Desire

Trust the Lord and do good!  Live and be happy.  You are God's child.  Make the Lord your greatest joy, and He will give you your heart's desire.  (*he will place His dreams for you inside your heart.)

If you could have anything in the world, what would you want?  A new toy?  A special gift for a friend?  When you give your heart to Jesus, and then live in a way that is pleasing to God - when you make your friendship with God the most important thing in your life - He will gladly give you your heart's desire!

*from "I Can Read God's Word" from Phil A. Simouse

On Wednesday, we traveled to Tulsa to the Tulsa Historical Society to view the Dream Exhibit. Our friend, Brena Mathews, from the Tulsa Children's Museum was there to read the story to the kids, take them through the Exhibit, and do a craft project with them.

The Exhibit contained all of the original artwork from the book. The art is absolutely exquisite. Fifteen illustrators contributed to the book. The Exhibit also had the original sketches or ideas of the illustrators to show their original dreams for the book.

The kids made a piece of art where they cut out a "seed", decorated the page to show what the seed grew into. Brynne had sunlight, water, and love helping her flower grow. Her seed grew into a dream of "I want my kids to have fun ... swing, swim."

Before we left the Exhibit we made small origami stars and put them into the Dream Chest while making a wish. Then they wrote on a star what they dreamed for the future of Tulsa and pinned it to a bulletin board. Brynne put "love and people".

On Thursday, our friends came over so that the girls could make their very own Dream Chests. They painted them and decorated them with glitters, flowers, and jewels. They were told that when they have a dream, they are to take it out of the air and toss it in the box.

On Friday, we read All the Places to Love by Patricia MacLachlan.

All the Places to Love by Patricia MacLachlan
A little boy recounts all the special places on his family's farm. Eli knows that no matter where the rest of his life takes him, all the places to love are right here, connected to the land.

Then we spent several hours making turkey plates to send for all of the residents of my grandmother's nursing home. The plates say, "I am thankful for your Legacy." We are mailing them tomorrow so they can use them for one of their meals around Thanksgiving.

We have had several spontaneous discussions this week related back to this theme and our study of it. We have talked so much about family, and legacy, and hopes for the future. It's been a dreamy kind of week, full of hope and nostalgia. Even though the lessons were geared toward Brynne and her friends, Dawson shared in the journey with us. I think that's important for Brynne to see. And, it's a perfect preface to our short studies on Thanksgiving we will do next week. We will do school on Monday and Tuesday and then take the rest of the week off.

"Come and Dream a Dream with Me ..."


  1. Ok, so you do themes too? Everyone is telling me to theme or "unit study" and I'm finding the idea fascinating. What a fun theme!

  2. Wow- what a week! Love Brynne's experiment. Lots of great books too!


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