Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Unit

Am the only one who has had Halloween sneak up on her? I mean, I have the costumes mostly done, and I have the candy bought, but somehow I forgot to plan a fun Halloween school unit! So I spent some time this weekend working on a unit for us to do today, because tomorrow we are going to go on a mini-field trip to a pumpkin patch.

The three essentials of a unit study for me are literature (reading), writing, and math. Then I try to throw in a craft activity and possibly a food. Here is what we have planned for our unit:


 Halloween Pie by Michael Tunnell

Jack-o-Lanterns by Lola Schaefer

The Magic Pumpkin by Bill Martin

Rattlebone Rock by Sylvia Andrews

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet by Diane De Groat


We will read Riddles that Rhyme for Halloween Time by Leonard Kessler and then choose a riddle for copywork and an illustration.


We will do some Halloween Magic Squares with double-digit addition.

Crafts and Activities.

History and puzzles from SchoolExpress Halloween unit study.

Pumpkin banner

Fizzle Pumpkin Painting


Since we have hot dogs at church tomorrow night, we are going to fix our Halloween dinner tonight. We are planning to fix turkey burgers with jack-o-lantern cheese slices and "bloody fingers", aka french fries with ketchup.

Tomorrow we are going to a small pumpkin patch. We already have all of our pumpkins and decorations, but we HAVE to go to the pumpkin patch, right??


  1. looks like fun! we don't celebrate halloween really besides reading a very few number of books and decorating a pumpkin that is about it. This year we did cookies thanks to the kit aldi's had!

  2. I love all of these links -- I think the cheeseburgers are really cute! We're having mummy dogs for dinner tonight! I've haven't read your blog in a while, Nicole -- I hope you're doing well!


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