Monday, June 17, 2013

M is for Making it Pretty

We bought our house last July, and it was a complete mess inside and out. All of our money and time went to the inside of the house, just so we could actually live here. We did not have anything leftover for the exterior, so we have lived with a muddy front yard and no landscaping for the whole year.

We turned our attention to the backyard first so that I could get my gardening area completed.

This past weekend we finally were able to pull together the funds to put in our bushes and flowers in the front yard. Rick and I spent all day yesterday, which was Father's Day and our anniversary, putting in our landscaping. I like to put in baby plants so I can watch them grow and mature over the years. I think it turned out really nice!

I still have some impatiens to plant. And then it's time to paint the porch so the house stops looking like a summer camp cabin!!! Things are coming along!

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  1. It looks wonderful, Nicole! Great job.

  2. Talk about icing on the cake! You'll enjoy looking at your yard every day.

  3. Happy Anniversary to you & Rick!! Your landscaping looks great, You both did a wonderful job with it : )

  4. Looks beautiful, Nicole! You all are doing a great job!

  5. Looks really nice! Just don't plant your impatiens in wood chips. They don't like wood chips.

    1. OOOH ... I already did! I hope that the weed guard in between the soil and the cedar chips will help the impatiens not be too unhappy! I'll keep you updated. (So far, so good.)


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