Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Has it Been Two Weeks Already?

Time is flying by this winter. I doubt we are the only homeschoolers out there who are just in the winter groove, which means there aren't quite as many "exciting" photo-worthy activities happening. Or maybe it is just us. We just seem to be spending our days getting all of our necessary work done, throwing in some unit studies when they are relevant. Mostly we have our noses to the grindstone.

So what you are getting here is just a report that we have been getting in six or so hours of schooling every day, covering all of our required subjects and learning lots. All of our concepts in math and grammar are getting more difficult so the assignments take a bit more time to complete each day.

We are reading a lot every day. Not only are the kids reading their own personal books as much as they can, but we are also reading every day out of Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis and Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank.

WWII consumes the majority of the rest of our time. We spent President's Day learning about Harry S. Truman's role in the war, we have started to work our way through the atrocity of the Holocaust (even spending several days slowly watching Schindler's List), and learning about Jesse Owens and his role in the Olympics of 1936 in Germany. That gave us the excuse to go to the movies and see Race, which was excellent.

Extra-curricular activities have launched into full gear with Eli and Brynne both bowling each Saturday getting ready for state tournament, Brynne finishing up her regular season basketball games,  and Brynne attending Girls on the Run two days a week training for the organization's 5K in May. Eli and I are also doing some training on the same afternoons.

We are just really busy, but doing really well. We are on track to finish exactly where I hoped we would this year. In the next couple of weeks we have some fun unit studies planned surrounding Dr. Seuss's birthday and the Iditarod. We have a trip to Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana planned in April, where we will get in some great educational hours, and we hope to be done with our regular school year by the first of May.

2015-2016 Hours Logged - 688 1/2 hours out of 1,000 required hours (225 hours outside home)
Plus 83 Summer Hours

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