Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Last Day

Today is Dawson's last day in public school. I am sure it is as surreal for him as it is for me.


  1. Way to go on homeschooling your son! My husband is a High School teacher and we have even had conversations about homeschooling because the horror stories he brings home, they scare me to death (and my kids are only 2 and 4 months lol!)

  2. I ran across your blog on 'Or So She Says' and felt that you were writing about my experience with my 13 year old son. I also live in Oklahoma and chose for all the same reasons and more to homeschool my son. This August, we will be beginning our second year and I am still learning about what works best for us. I really look forward to following your blog and wish you all the best. Although not every day is peaches and is still very rewarding and I thank God every day that I have the opportunity to spend this vital time restoring a love of learning in my son.


  3. I will be following your blog to hear about all of your successes as you homeschool your son in the fall.



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