Thursday, May 13, 2010

Limiting Influences

This week Dawson has been expressing some sadness about not seeing his friends at school every day next year. I assured him that we would do what we could to keep him involved with his friends. I was actually feeling bad for him.

But, I'll be honest. I don't know his friends very well. He doesn't spend any time with them outside of school. He really only hangs out with two brothers that live in our neighborhood.

This week I found some notes a girl on his bus had written him. They were filled with curse words. She even gave him a drawing of something not appropriate. I have noticed lately that his language and morals seem to be changing into something I am not happy to see. He apparently gets sent to the hall to do his school work in at least one class and routinely gets "called out" on the bus as being the instigator of trouble. He denies that it's him. However, whenever there is trouble at home he typically denies that it is him, as well. I can't say I believe that he is always getting a raw deal.

Although I do have concerns about how I will keep him socialized once I homeschool him, I can't say that I am sorry that he won't be hanging around the kids at school that he does. I am increasingly seeing that he is at a point in his life where it is critical that there be some control over what he is doing in his spare time, or at school, and with his friends.

This school year can't get over quick enough.

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  1. Have I mentioned the book The Well-Adjusted Child: The Social Benefits of Homeschooling by Rachel Gathercole? I am half way through it right now and find it very encouraging.


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