Wednesday, July 14, 2010

School Begins a Little Early

Our first unit in our A World of Adventure curriculum is Ancient Egypt. Our local museum, Philbrook Museum of Art has been having a special exhibit called "To Live Forever: Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum."

Yes, there were real mummies there, both human and animal. Cool!

Dawson and I went today because they were having a presentation on the artifacts in the gallery exhibit. We learned some very interesting facts about mummification and ancient death rituals. It really got us jump started on our new adventure coming up, and gave us some art project ideas.

This was inscribed on a bench in the gardens of the museum.

We also stopped at a wonderful Christian bookstore in Tulsa so Dawson could pick out a new devotional and journal to start using when "school" starts. I let him browse through them and pick out the one he felt led to get. His morning will start with his time with the Lord. It's a discipline I want him to establish.

We had such a good time together today, learning and exploring. I think it gave him a very positive insight on what it's going to be like when we are schooling this year.


  1. sounds like a wonderful day! LOVE that qoute!!!

    Tif and I do her devotional time at night right before bed is a great calming time for her. we use a great Tween girl one by Vicki Courtney. she has a teen girl one too:)

  2. Welcome to the wrap-up!

    What an awesome field trip.

    When we were studying Egypt there were no exhibits in the area. About a year later, one arrived.

  3. Thanks for joining in the wrap-up this week! Sounds like a great field trip.

  4. what a great field trip!! Love the quote you found on the bench as well. Congratulations on starting your homeschool journey.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful field trip! I hope you both enjoy this homeschool journey. I am also trying to instill a quiet time daily with my boys.


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