Friday, July 23, 2010

The Schoolroom ~ Phase II (Dawson's opinion)

Yesterday I asked Dawson what he would like his schoolroom to look like?

He said "The 8th Grade Center".

He's having second thoughts. I know this is normal and natural. He's always gone to public school. The rest of his siblings are still going to public school. His friends are all in public school.

But, it's not the best environment for him, and we both know that.

I'll try again to get his opinion about what things, aesthetically, he would like in his schoolroom to make his learning environment comfortable. We'll get there.


  1. that would be hard to see all them go off to school. I hope him and his best friend stay super close like they are now.

    Maybe make it fun, a reading center with a big bean bag chair, or do a dry erase paint wall (or chalkboard wall) so he can draw on it and you could use it for school too.

    or local community college has classes for homeschool kids that like art, music etc.. maybe he could do that and all or a homeschool co-op where he will make homeschool friends his age.

    I;m really clueless when it comes to this stuff as you can tell so just read and delete if you want :)

    huge pats on the back for you 2 for taking this awesome adventure!

  2. I am sure this is a hard transition for both, but go with your hearts. Can't wait to see the results of the new school room.


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