Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tulsa Geoscience Center

Today is National Fossil Day.

A couple of weeks ago we received a notification about a FREE event being held at the Tulsa Geoscience Center. I didn't know this place existed and am now so glad to know that it does!

We signed up for an 11:00 a.m. time slot that would allow us to do as many fossil activities as we could in one hour. We met our good friends there, and were pleased to find out that there were only two other children signed up during our time slot with us. They are a new family in our Co-op, so it was nice that they were in our group. The group before us was quite large with lots of little ones.

The geologist who led our group was very informative and great with the kids. He allowed them to touch so many fossils.

They got to make a cast in plaster.

They got to do fossil rubbings. I even had to get in on the action. Fun!

They got to make fossil casts in magic clay.

They saw how small they were compared to a dinosaur footprint.

They got to dig in sand and take home a small artifact.

The geologist even pulled Dawson aside, since he was the only one his age, and took him into the mineral room and gave him a great hands-on demonstration of mineral identification. He really enjoyed himself. In fact, he said he would love to work there. They have internship opportunities for teens. Maybe when he is able to drive, he could have that opportunity.

After we concluded our time at the Tulsa Geoscience Center we shared lunch with our friends at Mazzio's.

It was just a beautiful day and we really enjoyed doing school away from home. Brynne and I have spent the other days of this week studying fossils and will finish our week doing the same. This is my favorite kind of homeschooling: an opportunity arises to teach us something new; we turn it into a unit; and complete our unit with a hands-on field trip.

The Tulsa World was there and took lots of pictures of our kids and interviewed me and the other mom. We might be in the newspaper! I love being able to promote homeschooling.

** Click here to read the web article in the Tulsa World.

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