Saturday, December 31, 2011

Study America Saturday ~ Amanda Bennett Download-n-Go

Have you ever used any of Amanda Bennett's Download-n-Go unit studies? They are excellent! In fact, we will be starting one on Dogs next week when we start our second semester of school.

Right now Amanda Bennett is having a 12 Days of Christmas special, and some of her BRAND NEW unit studies are on sale! I have decided to cash in on some of these for next year.

Our History plans for next year include a semester on Current Events, with the presidential election being our main focus, and then a semester on U.S. Government.

Well wouldn't you know it ... Amanda Bennett has a unit called Elections 2012 and one called American Government which are brand new! They are regularly $10.95, on sale for just $5.00!!

The thing I love about the Download-n-Go unit studies, other than the fact that the entire unit is completely prepared for you, is that there is a younger grades lesson plan and a Junior High/High School lesson plan, so BOTH my kids can study the same thing at their own levels!

Check with Amanda Bennett each day to see what other specials she has. I have an affiliate link on my sidebar and would love for you to order through me!

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