Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tea Time

On Tuesday, Brynne had her Girls Club Christmas Tea. She woke up that morning so crabby, which is not like her, and was crabby all day. As we were getting ready for the party, she started getting teary and weepy. She said she just didn't feel very good. I asked her if she wanted to stay home, but she really wanted to go. She got all dressed up and I was able to snap a photo of her and Eli before we left (he was on his way to his Boys Club Christmas party).

The tea was absolutely lovely! The tablescapes were beautiful!

And so was this little girl.

The girls decorated "gingerbread" people and then took turns telling about the cookie they brought to share. By this time Brynne was really not feeling good, and was shivering. She wouldn't take off her coat. I felt her head and, yep, she was warm. We stayed separated from the rest of the girls so that she could participate in the gift exchange. She just sat with me, covered with a quilt, sipping hot cocoa.

In the gift exchange she chose a large gift that was full of makeup (oh, joy!). She was so happy with it, and the other girls were bummed that she left before they had a chance to steal it from her (it was a Dirty Santa exchange).

The leader of the Girls' Club and her assistants are fabulous! Every month the girls do some amazing things!

(On a side note, Brynne came home and had a fever of 102 degrees. She took a bath, drank some hot tea, took some ibuprofen, laid on the couch and watched Elf, and then went to bed. This morning she woke up perfectly healthy. But now Daddy has the yuck. I hope it stops there!)

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  1. Hope it doesn't go through your whole family! Looks like a beautiful party--glad she didn't have to miss it!


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