Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Snow, Shows and Smiles that Glow

As "normal" as last week was, this week was the total opposite!

We started out Monday by declaring a Snow Day! We got a little over an inch of good snow Sunday night into Monday. And, since it will likely be all we get this year, we decided to call off school for the day and play in it!

Tuesday was Valentine's Day. Eli had his class party that afternoon.

Dawson, Brynne and I spent the morning watching some subject-based videos. Dawson watched "Frontier House" and Brynne watched the "2012 Westminster Kennel Dog Show". They also each did a Valentine activity. On Wednesday, they finished their videos.

I branched out this week and created a collage of our activities for Collage Friday with Mary at Homegrown Learners. I used a free App for my iPad called PicCollage. For some reason I have been reluctant to try collages. But, with this, it was just too easy.

1. Our family gathered together on Tuesday night and each painted a canvas, anyway we wanted, using the same four acrylic paint colors. I am going to hang them down the hall to our kitchen.

2. Dawson's Valentine activities were to make up Rejected Candy Hearts and to write a LOVE acrostic poem and an Anti-LOVE acrostic poem. I got these activities from a FREE download from Teachers Pay Teachers, my Favorite Resource this Week. You can sign up to receive a weekly e-mail highlighting their Top 10 Free Downloads. I download things frequently!

3. "Frontier House", a reality mini-series from 2001 about three families who leave their 21st century lives to travel back to 1883 and try to set up a Homestead in Montana, was a highlight of our week. Rick and I watched it back in 2001, and I enjoyed it just as much this time around. It is a great historical video for this era. The characters are engaging, and it gets pretty real. The producers do a great job of giving historical facts throughout the production.

4. Brynne's school focus this week was the dog show, so in her free time she spent lots of time playing with her Barbies.

5. The "2012 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show" was very fun to watch. Brynne watched the entire 6 hours of it, taking notes as to the winners of each class. She enjoyed seeing dogs that she has learned about in the past couple of weeks. And she learned a lot more about the classes.

6. And then Brynne just had to get out her stuffed dogs for some playtime of their own.

We ended our week on Thursday, going on a field trip to the Blue Bell Creameries with our Homeschool Co-op. Field trips are always fun with this group. We even took Eli out of school to go with us. He loves factories and seeing how things work. He wore his little ice cream hat the whole time. And, we got to enjoy a free scoop of ice cream when the tour was over.

Watching a video on the history of the Creamery

Our public schools are off today, and Monday, for President's Day. So that means we are too! We are heading out this afternoon to go spend the weekend with Grandma.

We'll be back at it on Tuesday!

As always, we are linking up with Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. Great week. I love your first collage. One app that I love for those is "Nostalgio". It makes such fun collages. :)

    We LOVED Frontier House and decided quickly that we wouldn't make it in 1883. The Blue Bell Creamery trip looks awesome too. I love field trips!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Downloading PicCollage right now!! :-)

    So glad you linked up!!

  3. Rejected candy hearts sounds hilarious!

    I might have to check out that iPad app for collages too. I make most of my collages using Picasa, but it is great to have more options.

  4. It really sounds like you had a great week! I'll be checking out the Teachers Pay Teachers link you shared. I have heard of it before, but never followed up on it.
    How do you watch Frontier House? On DVD? It sounds like something we'd enjoy.

    Thanks for linking with Favorite Resources!

  5. Must. Have. That. App.

    Totally jealous over the field trip. Yum!!

    Popping in from WWU.

  6. Yum! Ice cream! We toured Ben and Jerry's a couple of years ago and that was interesting, especially the graveyard (outside) of discontinued flavors! LOL

    And yes, I'm definitely thinking I'll use MEP with my youngest next year as the pages look more interesting and he'll like the "puzzle" aspect on some of the problems. I might even use it with "middle" after she completes her MCP and Saxon Math. (She's 3/4s the way through both.)

  7. Great week, I will have to check out Frontier House. I have not seen it. My children would probably love it. They love reading books/watching movies along the frontier line.

  8. Nice call on the snow day - that's the kind of thing they'll remember as adults!

    I love the photo of all three kids together. What beautiful smiles!

  9. Another fabulous week I see! Your collage is a fun format :)

    Mmmmmmmm- Bluebell Ice Cream rules- I had some Banana Pudding Bluebell earlier today. Bad- but yummy!


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