Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just So You Know ...

Yesterday I spent the day teaching my children about the Election. It was a great day! We read some good books and learned about what are important qualities in a President. We learned all about the Electoral College, how candidates campaign based on the possibilities of numbers, and how many "points" a candidate needs to win. It was a great day and the kids were really into what we learned. They learned a lot and had a real understanding of the Election.

When the results came down, the kids were upset. Eli said, "Oh no! The next four years are going to be bad!" Yes, they probably are. Of course I have an opinion about the results of the Presidential election, as most do. But I have felt that it's important to remember that my children will observe (and probably mimick) my response to the results of the Election. Here is what I posted on my private blog, Taulman Times.

As I snuggle into my little bed in Missouri, after a long 4-hour, late-night drive to get here, I am thankful ... thankful that Rick and I started making the decisions a few months ago to change the course of our life to better our family.

With the re-election of President Obama, I am particularly thankful for our decision to simplify our life, to downsize to just what we need in order to preserve what we have.

We have talked with our kids, including our little ones, about the impact of President Obama's presidency on our country and our lives. When they found out that he was re-elected, they were upset. Eli was even scared. But I explained to them a few foundational truths:
  1. Our Leader is sitting on His throne in Heaven. He is in control. He loves us. And, he has promised to protect and bless those who fear Him. 
  2. President Obama has been given "another chance" (as the kids say) to do a better job protecting the people of our country. We will respect him and support him as our President and will pray for him, that he makes decisions that are right in God's eyes.
  3. Daddy and I have been working to take care of our family in the event the leaders of our country do not do their job to take care of us. This is one of the reasons why we moved to Missouri, so that we would not have to rely on the government and its' empty promises. But, instead, we will do our part to take care of ourselves and protect our family from the decisions of others.
  4. We live in a country where we have the right to not be controlled by our government and its' decisions. We have to stand strong to protect our rights. This is a huge reason why we have chosen to homeschool our younger two children.
Folks, we have to work hard for what we have and NOT rely on others to provide it for us. We need to protect ourselves from the interference and control of the government in our lives. We can attempt that in an election. But, ultimately, it starts at home, in our individual families. I cannot control what other people do. But, I can control what we do as a family.

In the next four years, instead of relying on President Obama and his administration to provide us with a good life, we will do the following:
  1. We will willingly and happily reside in a small and extremely inexpensive home and will strive to have it paid for completely within two to three years.
  2. We will pay off all of our debt so that we are not held in bondage because of it.
  3. We will live within our means.
  4. We will drive paid-off cars, and take care of them.
  5. We will homeschool our younger two children, and will fight for the rights of our older two.
  6. We will be responsible for purchasing our OWN health insurance and will choose our OWN medical providers.
  7. We will spend loads of time together as a family.
  8. We will pray for our leaders and serve in our community.
What will you do? Whatever you do, however you feel, remember:


  1. It sounds like you taught your kids some great lessons there, Nicole. And downsizing was a wonderful idea regardless of election! :)

  2. Amen! I agree, ultimately God is in control and it doesn't matter who is elected, His Will will be accomplished.

  3. very well said Nicole! my oh my, oh how I agree with you. we are so divided as a nation, but it is nice to know someone thinks like we do...
    Happy Thanksgiving friend,
    grateful for getting to know you~


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