Friday, January 4, 2013

Reading Goals

We were going to start with a little bit of schooling today to gear up for our official re-start date on Monday. But .... they are playing so GOOD! And I have some additional housework I would like to get done to free up more of my weekend while Rick and Dawson's best friend, Antonio, are here. Sooooo ... we will resume school on Monday.

Instead I thought I would share my READING GOALS for 2013 ....

Yeah, there it is. Read. Just Read.

That's my goal. I love to read. I go through spurts. Right now I am really into it, and I am sure it's because I have more time now that the holiday activities are over. I tend to read a lot this time of year. Instead of making a GOAL, that I may or probably won't may not keep, I am going to focus on my ACCOMPLISHMENTS at the end of the year. I have a spiral for each of the kids where I keep track of every book they read. I'm just going to start one for myself.

Here's to a year of fun reading!!


  1. That's our plan for reading too! Following you from the crew!

  2. Yep! Nothing more needs saying: READ. LOL I'm trying to do more of that myself...and encourage the kids to do more. I've even started read alouds again!

  3. I want to read more this year too. I started out 2012 reading quite a bit, but April it all started to go downhill. Can't wait to hear about what you will be reading!


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