Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 Word of the Year


I am back from my blogging break! I have never taken a month-long break from blogging before, and I have to say that it was so nice.

The end of the year always takes me down with birthdays (3 of the 4 kids) and Halloween into Thanksgiving into Christmas. This year we also had some major life challenges in Kyndal and Collin losing their baby and Dawson experiencing a major relationship break up. We were way up and way down, sometimes all in the same day.

So, I just needed a break.

The little kids and I took off a full month from school .... again, much needed! Although they are not ready to start back again, I think we need to get back to some structure. Today we are easing in and tomorrow we will be back into the full swing.

I decided to make my first post of 2016 an announcement of my "Word of the Year".

This year my word is ..... KISS. And I don't just mean physically kiss more, which would also be a good thing.

That's right. Keep it simple, stupid! (I'm not calling you stupid, unless you are like me and need to keep things simple. Then, I guess, I am.)

Simple spirituality ... spend time with God everyday. Simple.
Simple finances ... stick to the budget. Simple.
Simple nutrition ... don't eat anything unhealthy. Simple.
Simple exercise ... do it every day. Simple.
Simple health care ... take vitamins, drink water, get enough sleep. Simple.
Simple relationships ... put other people's needs and wants before my own selfish ones. Simple.
Simple housekeeping ... clean something every day. Simple.

And there you have it.

Oh, folks, it's not that hard. But we make things so complicated. (Mostly because we are trying to live up to somebody else's standard or are comparing ourselves to how someone else does it.) I know what works for me and my family, so it just needs to simply be done.

Stick to the program. Keep it simple. Do it and see how much more enjoyable life can be.



  1. Welcome back! I decided on PEACE. With everything that's gone on in my life and that of my kids in the last 3 years, I long for SIMPLE peace. To not worry, to not be anxious, and to be at peace with where God has me.

    1. I definitely think Simplicity and Peace go hand-in-hand! Less junk means less junk!

  2. Simplicity was one of my two words for this year! I'm aiming to keep things as simple as possible.
    I'm so glad you enjoyed your blogging break!


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