Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

When did you last 'skate on thin ice', 'skate over the details', 'encounter a cheapskate', or just plain skate?

Something bad almost always happens when I am away from home. While I was on an emergency trip to Oklahoma this past weekend, a conglomeration of events happened all at once and my laptop was hit in the crossfire. The kids immediately fessed up, and took it to a computer guy the next day to find out that there was no water damage (as feared) but a short somewhere internally that got knocked loose. It was easily fixed. My external hard drive hasn't worked in almost a year, so I have not backed up my computer. On my laptop are all of Kyndal's wedding photos, some of which would be gone forever, as well as every other photo. I have been skating on thin ice with this backup issue. I need to get another external hard drive asap.

What would you say is the biggest problem of people your age?

Lack of contentment and the comparison trap.

What's your favorite accessory? Is it something you wear every day, often, or only on special occasions?

Rick surprised me with an Origami Owl necklace a few years ago that holds many charms that identify me. It represents my marriage, my children, my dogs, my hobbies, and other things I love. I wear it very often.

January 20th is National Cheese Lover's Day. Are you a lover of cheese? What's your favorite dish made with cheese? Last thing you ate that contained some kind of cheese?

Love cheese. Really, I love just about anything with cheese, anything from a cheese danish to cheese grits or pasta loaded with cheese. I just had homemade macaroni and cheese last night for dinner.

What's something guaranteed to make you roll your eyes?

There are a couple of women in my hometown that literally make me roll my eyes when they walk into the room. Refer back to the whole contentment and comparison trap thing. These particular ladies seriously walk into a room like they are royalty. It makes me want to puke.

Your favorite book series?

I love the Ladybug Farm series by Donna Ball.

Why did you choose your profession?

When I was a little girl I played school all the time. My most difficult student was my little sister who just would not sit and do what I wanted her to do. My friend and I played school every time we were together. I always wanted to be a teacher. But then I got into high school and realized that teachers don't make much money so, instead of following my passion, I followed the money route and went to school to become an attorney. I absolutely hated that profession. I hated every minute of law school and every minute I worked in the field of law. After Rick and I got married, he supported my decision to stop practicing law. I just wanted to be home with my kids. And then we had two more. And then one started struggling with school so we made the decision to begin homeschooling. And we have been homeschooling at least one child ever since with plans to homeschool the youngest two through high school. I get to be a teacher (and I don't have to be ruled by the government .. HA!). My childhood dreams have come true. It's the best job in the world.

Insert your own random thought here.

Are you watching "Making a Murderer" on Netflix? Whoa. Dawson and I just started watching it last night. Craziness! I already just don't know what to think. It's going to be one that keeps me thinking.


  1. Good answes. I love homemade mac n cheese too. It's so good. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Hi! Visiting from the link up. I absolutely love the Ladybug Farm series too! Couldn't put it down and didn't want it to end. :-) I also homeschool my youngest. Glad I found your blog and just became a recent follower :-) Have a great day!



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