Thursday, July 28, 2016

Celebrating Bennett

Last weekend Kyndal's mother-in-law Pam, Collin's aunt Jeanette, and Collin's grandmother Karen hosted a baby shower for Kyndal and Bennett. It was a fun and special shower and Bennett received some great items!

32 1/2 weeks in this photo

Kyndal with Collin's Aunt Jeanette and Mother-in-Law Pam

The shower was a fishing theme and the ladies did some really cute decorating with denim, bobbers, and fish.

On the tables were raw wooden blocks and sharpie markers and the guests were encouraged to color the blocks for Bennett. They turned out so cute! What a special toy for him. There were blocks colored by Bennett's cousins, aunts, friends, grandmothers, great aunts, great grandmothers, great-great aunts and great-great grandmothers.

The food was delicious and the cupcakes were specially made by Collin's cousin Brea.

Kyndal felt very loved on by her family and friends and took home a truckload of great things to try to fit into Bennett's room.

Five generations in the making ... Bennett makes #5.

My Grandma Joan. Isn't she lovely?

Aunt Julie made the long trip from Oklahoma for the shower.

This little girl is getting ready to be an aunt.

Only 7 more weeks until her due date!!

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  1. Your grandmother is beautiful and you look way too young to be a Nana. Good genetics, girlie! ;)


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