Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cost of Curriculum

Being a frugal mom-type, and not wanting to pay full price for curriculum that I know nothing about, I set out to searching the internet for used curriculum.

I was blessed to find A World of Adventure, used but in excellent condition, and purchased it for $61.00 (including shipping). I think the curriculum costs around $100 new.

Then I ordered Saxon Algebra 1/2 (Pre Algebra) with the student text, teacher book and worksheets used off ebay for $34.00 (with shipping). I think all three texts cost considerably more.

Everything else I plan to use will be from free websites.

Then I'll just have the basic school supply costs, and extras for projects, etc. But that will all be spread out.

Dawson and I mapped out how we will set up his classroom upstairs in a corner of our playroom. We have all of the furniture already (his computer desk, a desk for me, some shelves and an old-time school desk). We are going to purchase a bulletin board for scheduling, notes, unit decorations, etc. We're going to hang a white board for visual instruction. And I've found a large world map on ebay for about $20.00 to hang on the wall. We're also going to hang up a "clothesline" on the wall for him to clip his artwork and such to.

For classroom setup we will be out of pocket approximately $50.

So, all total, other than regular supplies, the cost of Dawson's schooling will be right at $150. I am not naive to think that we won't have constant costs for supplies, projects, etc. But, knowing what our units will be affords me the opportunity to look for cheap and/or free things to go with our units. For example, yesterday I DVR'd two specials on History International: one was about Egyptian Warfare and the other was about the Greek Empire. I missed the one on the Roman Empire.

There are so many possibilities to what we can do! And a lot of it doesn't have to cost a thing!

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