Monday, March 8, 2010


God has been very strategic with me lately. On two very specific occasions He has placed someone directly in my path who has provided me with encouragement and information in homeschooling.

The first was a couple of weeks ago, before I actually made the decision to homeschool. I went to a birthday party for one of my daughter's friends. I ran into Shelley, a sweet friend I knew from our old church. She and I sat together at the party and were discussing our sons, mine 13 and hers 8, and our thoughts about possibly homeschooling each of them. At that point it was in the possible planning stages for both of us.

We made plans to meet for lunch, and did that last week. In the meantime, each of us had made the final decision to homeschool our boys next fall. It was so nice to talk to someone else (who feels she is completely unqualified to do it) about the things we are looking forward to and the fears we have. Our biggest fears are in those areas where we feel we are weak. Of course we both know that this is when our dependence on the Lord will come. We decided to put each other on speed dial so we can immediately call each other in times of frustration. I know that I will have a prayer partner in this endeavor!

The second strategic encounter came while volunteering at the Extraordinary Women conference this weekend. I was working at Lysa TerKeurst's product table. On the second day a lady, Tracy, was reassigned to our table. She is a sweet Christian woman with five daughters (God bless her!) and she has homeschooled all of them. Her older two daughters now go to a Christian private school, but she still homeschools her three younger daughters. She and I talked about homeschooling, and many other topics, most of the day. We even skipped listening to speakers so we could talk. She had many words of wisdom and encouragement and gave me some websites to look at for some help and direction.

I just know God is all over this thing!

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