Monday, November 15, 2010

The Outdoor Hour ~ Lesson #3 {Nature Journal Drawings}

We have fallen a couple of weeks behind in our Nature Study and I have missed it. But I realized yesterday that a nature study can take place at any time. As I sat in my living room, I looked out onto my back porch and saw a bird (that, darnit, I didn't have time to investigate as to its kind) that was pecking at some wood on our porch. I don't know if it was looking for bugs or getting some splinters for a nest. In any event, I was in awe watching it.

Lesson #3 of The Outdoor Hour was this:

Outdoor Hour Challenge #3 Now is the Time to Draw
1. Read pages 16-17 of the Handbook of Nature Study. Highlight or underline those parts that will help you understand better the connection between nature study, language arts, and drawing.

2. This week take your 10-15 minute nature walk.
If you have tired of your own backyard, venture down your street, around your block, or to a near-by park. Remember Anna Comstock’s words, “Nature study is for the comprehension of the individual life of the bird, insect, or plant that is nearest at hand.” (page 5) Don’t worry about taking any equipment with you this time. Continue working on being quiet and observing things with your senses. While on your walk, be alert to new subjects for your further research.

3. Follow up with discussion and the opportunity for a nature journal entry.

"Too much have we emphasized drawing as an art; it may be an art, if the one who draws is an artist; but if he is not an artist, he still has a right to draw if it pleases him to do so."

“From making crude and often meaningless pencil strokes, which is the entertainment of the young child, to the outlining of a leaf or some other simple and interesting natural object, is a normal step full of interest for the child because it is still self-expression.” (both quotes from page 17 of the Handbook of Nature Study).

When driving home on Veteran's Day last week, we saw a rainbow. I took this picture while driving {not recommended}. It didn't come out too clear, but it was definitely there. And Brynne got to see it. In fact, she started crying when it faded away.

When she got home she drew a rainbow in her Nature Journal.

Thanks Barb for hosting The Outdoor Hour. We love the interest you have sparked in us!

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