Sunday, November 14, 2010

Your Backyard

Recently Kimberly at Adventures in Mothering was hosting a giveaway for Your Backyard, a dvd presented by Crowe's Newst MEDIA. And I won!!

I had read about this dvd on other blogs and was really hoping to get my hands on one. Brynne and I are in the very beginning stages of a weekly nature study so this dvd would be a perfect addition.

It is "a young beginner's guide to identifying 18 common feeder birds by sight and sound" and features birds of Eastern and Central United States. "Join siblings Taylor, Samuel and Grace, along with special guest, Professor Solomon, on a delightful fun-filled, creation-based journey of learning to identify common feeder birds by sight and sound. All the while, enjoy vivid, close-up images of some of the Creator God's most beautiful feeder birds, combined with rich bird vocalization recordings."

We live on a one-acre plot of land and our backyard borders a bluff. We have lots of trees and lots of birds. We have a nest on our back porch that has been used and added to so many times it looks like it might fall over. We added a Purple Martin house this year, hoping to attract a family this year. And we have tons of hummingbirds that visit our feeder all day.

Thanks Kimberly and Crowe's Nest MEDIA!

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