Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Veteran's Day Mini-Unit

It occured to me last night when going to bed that today was Veteran's Day (actually I was fully aware of this because two of my children are involved in programs today.) I felt that a mini-unit would be a great thing to do for Brynne.

This is why it's kind of great that I have no real curriculum for Brynne right now. We just do what we want everyday, so doing this unit didn't disrupt any plans.

This morning my husband returned from a two-week business trip. We went to greet him at the airport. And then this afternoon we had a Veteran's Day program to go to at my 1st grader's school. So I thought making a small notebook of Veteran's Day activities would be great for her to take along on all of our activities today.

I just printed off some things: a couple of coloring sheets, a "veteran" tracer page, a word search and a math page (that decodes into a Veteran's Day message). I also printed off an In Flander's Fields mini-book for her to read with me.

I bound it all together in a manilla folder and some yarn.

She worked on her workbook at the airport and the nail salon (while I was getting a much-needed nail job done!) We watched an excellent Veteran's Day program at Eli's school. Very moving!

When she was eating dinner she looked at a space shuttle toy of Eli's and said, "Look an America Flag. Because we are celebrating Veteran's Day." Bestill a mama-teacher's heart!

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