Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ On the Farm

I heard that our local zoo was going to have a FarmFest event this past weekend, so we decided to make a unit of it!

I prepared a lapbook/notebook for Eli and Brynne to complete.

The barn door opened to reveal their farm animals.

Inside the notebook were several farm-related activities to complete. (I like how Brynne added a squigly piggy tail to her dot-to-dot.)

We read lots of books from the library about farm life: jobs on the farm, animals, equipment and foods.

Then today we enjoyed a field trip to FarmFest.

The structure of the event catered to Eli's best way of learning and staying focused: They gave each of the kids a passport to use to get a stamp at each station they visited. When it was complete they got a prize.

We watched wood carving, weaving and chain saw carving demonstrations.

We watched Lexie the cow being milked.

Eli and Brynne called me to dinner a snack with iron-worked triangles.

We stopped for a bit to create a mosaic piece.

And, of course, we stopped by to see the prairie dogs and penguins, a couple of our favorites.

Brynne took a few minutes to brush Rebel the goat. He is a miniature and won't get any bigger than this.

It was a hot day! Even the goats had a special ice cream treat to enjoy.

We took the train back to the entrance and called it a day. It was such a fun time! Eli (my homebody) was really not wanting to go. But, he was all smiles and said he had a great time!!

It was not only a very fun day, but it was educational as well. The docents were on hand with lots of demonstrations about various things. We learned about how to be a responsible pet owner and about the Nature Exchange (where the kids can exchange items they find in nature for prizes).

We will be ending our study of the farm this next week by taking a trip to the blueberry farm to pick blueberries. Then we are going to use them in a recipe that Eli has named "Blueberry Biscuit Yummies." I'm going to make a picture recipe and let them make these themselves. It should be fun!

This week we also visited the library and got our second sticker of the four that are required for the "big prize". Eli and Brynne have each independently read over 10 books this summer so far.

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