Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wicky Wacky

THANK YOU to the Anonymous Commenter who told me that my font was so squished up that it was barely readable! I had no idea! On my Mac, it didn't look like that! So, I got on my husband's laptop and made the appropriate changes. I HOPE THIS HELPS!

Anonymous, let me know if this is better for you! I'd hate to lose a Follower because of a Wicky Wacky font.


  1. With my recent aches & pains from yard work, lack of motivation to work out and desire for afternoon naps, I thought it was just my eyesight. After all, I've expected it to be the next to go. :o)

    Looks good now.

  2. I had to adjust the size of my font too love the new cool fonts but some are so small.

    I could still read it but we have big computer screens can't imagine on a phone or laptop they look like.

  3. Yes! Thank you so much! It is sooo much easier to read.


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