Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Apparently NEED to Rediscover Christmas

Remember my Rediscovering Christmas series? Remember the reason for it ... to put Christ at the center of this Christmas season? Remember how I was going to post supply lists on Fridays to prepare you for the next week's lesson?

Well. Last Friday you didn't get a supply list. Why? Because I was busy celebrating the "other" parts of Christmas, and I forgot. Not only that, but I had planned for us to do our lessons on Tuesdays so I could share what we did with you on Wednesdays. And, today is Tuesday, and I haven't planned for it. In fact, in planning our week, I didn't even include it.

I need a large dose of Rediscovering Christmas. How about you?

I was going to fake it and do a fabulous post tomorrow about what we did today just so you could see how on top of this I am. But, that's wrong. Just wrong.

I will be providing you with your supply list for this week's activity today. And, instead of cramming in some kind of lesson today, just to say we did it, I will, instead, spend some time today planning and meditating on the this week's topic (which is the donkey in the Christmas story) so that we can have some meaningful time as a family on Friday. I will post the results of our day on Friday, along with your supply list for next week.

Grant me some grace, if you would. I apparently need this series more than my kids. Sigh.


  1. thats ok I didn't post a list either. decided since it our little project and no one linked up I'd just post it tomorrow as planned.

    Looks like you had a great weekend! have you picked out a paint color yet?

  2. Grace - always. I am kind of in the same boat. I planned all these wonderful service opportunities for us and now I am having problems that get in the way of those opportunities. Maybe God is trying to tell me something.

  3. Can I just give you a big squeezy hug?!!
    Like really?
    Like, as in...
    Thank you for helping me not feel like a total loser?
    Like, as in...
    I have all these fabulous plans yet the Christmas season is blurring by faster than I want it to?
    Like, as in...
    you rock, & have an amazing heart, and I adore your keep it real approach?
    ... consider yourself (((hugged))).


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