Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rediscovering Christmas ~ Week 2: The Journey

If you are reading along with me in The Christmas Story by G.A. Myers, spend some time this week reading Chapter 4 on "The Journey to Bethlehem" and meditating on Luke 2:1-7.

My children will be reading "Little Donkey's Tale" in The First Christmas by Francine M. O'Connor, and I will be reading to them out of First Christmas by Alastair MacDonald.

We will be making a hand print donkey craft found at Planet of the Apels.

For this craft you will need construction paper, gray paint, a black sharpie marker, little hands, and lots of baby wipes.

Enjoy your time with your children reflecting on the journey to the birth of Christ. I will post all of our activities on Friday.


  1. What a great craft! And wonderful book ideas...will have to check those out - thanks! Stopping by from the Blog Cruise.

  2. Great blog. Dropping by on the Blog Cruise. I love the craft ideas.


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