Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Week BEFORE Christmas

Our week before Christmas was moving along perfectly! It was just what I had planned ... lots of baking and reading.

And then ... WHAM! The flu hit Brynne. And everything came to a screeching halt!

We got our first snow storm, and Eli spent a small amount of time enjoying it. But, it just wasn't the same without his sidekick (and it was FREEZING) so he didn't last long.

We did read one special book that I'd like to recommend. I read that there is a reprint with updated illustrations. But, there was something special about that old book with it's old illustrations, that I highly recommend it.

Brynne recovered from the flu right in the nick of time, so she was able to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas with us (although she was moving a little slow). It ended up being a very Merry Christmas and we were happy celebrating it in our new home and new town.

Journey to Excellence will be back in full swing on January 1st, so stop back by! Until then, enjoy the rest of your Christmas break. I know we are!!


  1. Wonderful photos! You have a beautiful family, Nicole. And I can't get over how tall Dawson is this year!

  2. I have missed your posts. Love the pictures - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. So glad everyone is back to being well. It took me almost a week to shake it off. Looking forward to a great New Year and starting back to school on Wednesday. Thanks for all your kind, encouraging words about my son moving out, it really helps.


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