Monday, September 16, 2013

A Peek at our Weekend ~ The One with Cleaning!

What was in the kitchen ...

After a busy day of golf, organizing, and cleaning house on Saturday, we just wanted an easy dinner. I cooked a large frozen lasagna, some french bread, and salad.

An activity we did away from home ...

On Friday night Brynne had her first volleyball game and she did awesome! She still needs some power behind her serve, but otherwise she played very well! She even returned a serve for a point for her team. I would say that it was beautiful but, shhhhh .... I missed it! I was talking to Taylar's mom about the homecoming dress we got Taylar and didn't know the new set had begun! I am praying this isn't the only big play she has all year. Daddy, Dawson, Taylar, and Grandma saw it, though. We were so proud of her!

Yesterday Rick, Collin, and Brynne went to play golf. Brynne is loving these Saturday morning excursions with her daddy! And Eli is loving the peace and quiet of him and I home alone together.

Today the little kids and I packed it up to go to the lake with my friend Jodi and her kids for some lake school fun. I'll be posting about that this next week because we have no internet at the lake.

What we learned at church ...

In Sunday school we learned about the covenant God made to Abraham. And in church, the 4th graders officially moved up to my classroom. They were presented with new Bibles. So, I am ready to help them start using them!

Things accomplished at home ...

Kyndal worked in her room to get her clothing organized and tubs emptied. I did a power clean at home. I mean, a true power clean from one end to the other. It's amazing how dirty this house gets in a week! But now it is nice and clean and smells so good! It won't last, and will be dirty by the time we get back from the lake on Wednesday, but it sure felt good to see it so clean for a couple of days!

I got Eli's room put back together by taking out the futon where Kyndal has been sleeping. It was taking up so much of his bedroom. Now his room is clean and open and airy and ready for lots of playing!

Oh, and here's a simple thing that thrilled all of us .. we got a new squishy toilet seat for our toilet. We all had to take turns sitting down on it to try it out. Our other one was old and icky. This one is so white and clean. It makes the whole toilet look brand new. Yeah, we really need to get a life.

My favorite moment ...

Was waking up cold on Saturday morning! I absolutely detest being hot. And it was so great to wake up to the chilly mid-50's morning air. Ahhhh .... come on Fall!

Ways we relaxed ...

Last night Collin, Kyndal, Rick, Brynne and I watched Water for Elephants. Kyndal and I had been talking about the difference between the movie (which she watched) and the book (which I read), so she picked it up in the $5 bin at Walmart and we watched it together.

Preparations for the week ahead ...

I prepared lessons for us to do at the lake, packed food and clothes, and got the house cleaned. Then I spent some time Saturday night getting Thursday and Friday's lessons prepared for when we return. We plan to take those two days to get caught up on some lessons where we have gotten behind. We just have a little to do in a few subjects for us to be completely caught up and ready to move on.

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  1. Yay for new toilet seats! And for 50 degree weather! I am super jealous of that! Still mid 90's here! :(


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