Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Her First Day

The day she has been working toward has finally arrived! Today Kyndal started cosmetology school! She started her day with mixed emotions as she realized that her days of being a "kid" are over. She will now be going to school from 9-5 from Tuesday to Saturday and then working as much as she can at The Buckle on her days off and in the evenings.

We have been spending every waking moment with her over the last several months, and now we will hardly see her except when she comes home from her long days and collapses into bed.

I am glad to see her starting her future. And, isn't she beautiful? Any salon who gets her, when she is done with school, will be so lucky! She is very talented!

Here's to an amazing year of school, Kyndal! We are VERY proud of you!!


  1. She is beautiful! Wow, that schedule makes me tired just reading it! I wish her lots of success!

  2. Congratulations Kyndal. Have a terrific school year.

  3. Praying for Kyndal's new journey! May she blessed and bless others as well!

  4. she is very pretty your right mom :) Praying her journey is easy and fun. I know she has been working towards this since I first started reading your blog years ago!

    Congrats and Good Luck Kyndal!!!


  5. How exciting for her. She is a very pretty girl and is embarking on a really fun career. All the best to her on her journey.


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