Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Day ~ April 2014

How was your April Fool's Day? Did you pull over any good ones on unsuspecting family or friends? I had a little fun with the kids during our school work, but nothing drastic. Here is how we spent our first day of April. Join Nicole at Journey to Josie to share yours.

A little iPad fun before breakfast.

We'll have something with chicken ...

That's what I need, TWO of me to get everything done.

My morning cup 'o "joe" (I miss coffee!)

Texting with the honey.

Can I get on your lap, mom?


We are having octopus and fish for lunch … April Fools!

The last book in the Lily Lapp series.

Thumbs up on the octopus, mom!

Answer the questions to find out what you will be when you grow up.

A Goldfish Wrangler or a Space Officer? April Fools! Brynne did say she wished she could be a Popcorn Scientist. 

Why can't I figure out this maze? Oh, there is no solution … April Fools!

Packing for our trip to Florida.

Happy 13th birthday, Clifford! We hope you had a restful day!

Heading to the hospital to meet Kyndal in the ER.

Needed some sweet tea  for the road.

We were just here a few months ago for a collapsed lung … is it happening again?

False alarm .. thank goodness!

She is reading a real live book! 

Dawson's soda can pyramid on the landing of the stairs up to his room. It falls down about every day.

Dawson and Taylar hanging out after dinner.

Brynne and I watched an episode on Netflix.

Ahh … some quiet computer time in bed.

Night everybody! See that antacid right there? I haven't had to take any since last Thursday!!!! Yay!


  1. Happy First Day, great pictures! I decided to link up for the first time, don't have many for this month. I have a tea giveaway coming up you'll love. :) Glad Kyndal is ok bet you were so scared! Have a blast in my old stomping ground {Florida}

  2. That is one HUGE antacid! Glad you haven't needed it!


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