Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Five Day of …. Missouri - The Ozarks {Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog Hop}

For today's tour of Missouri, we are meandering through The Ozarks.

The Ozarks encompass a large stretch of land in Southeast Missouri. If you are looking for some lake and country fun, it would fit the bill for you. Today I will be taking you through Springfield, Branson, and the Lake of the Ozarks.

Springfield, Missouri

Springfield is a quiet city with its claim to fame being the home of the original Bass Pro Shops. We lived there for seven years and even though it is a fantastic city wherein to reside and raise a family, Bass Pro Shops is about the only touristy thing there is to do there. Really. I only mention Springfield because if you are going to Branson and are into the fishing/hunting/outdoors thing, then it's worth a short drive to Springfield to see it. While at Bass Pro Shops, it's worth a look at the Wonders of Wildlife museum and lunch at Hemingway's is first-rate.

And in between Springfield and Branson you will find Lambert's Cafe: Home of the Throwed Rolls. You will definitely want to stop there to eat. You choose an entrée and the waiters bring around all kinds of southern foods and plop them down right in the middle of your table on a paper towel. You will have fried potatoes, fried okra, and all other manners of fried food. Then if you want a roll, you catch the attention of the roll thrower and they zing it across the restaurant to you. It is very entertaining and the food is awesome!

Branson, Missouri

Missouri's greatest tourist attraction would have to be Branson. It's like the mini-Vegas of Missouri, without the gambling. The streets are lined with amphitheaters with all manners of shows, from second rate country singers, to magic shows, to gospel shows, to much more. You will find Silver Dollar City, White Water water park, a gazillion hotels to fit every style, and shops, shops, and more shops. Branson is not really my cup of tea. But I know people who go several times a year for the food and to take in the shows.

Here is sampling of what you will find:

The Titanic Museum
Showboat Branson Belle
Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede
Legends in Concert
The Shepherd of the Hills

There are as many restaurants as things to do in Branson, but a fun restaurant I have enjoyed is Mel's Hard Luck Diner. It is a 50's inspired restaurant with burgers and shakes and the wait staff and cooks sing 50's hits throughout your meal. It's a fun place to go!

Lake of the Ozarks

Now this is what I enjoy. In fact, my parents have a small house right on the lake and we go several weekends a summer. I am not much into adventure boating, skiing, and the like, but I love a relaxing day at the lake. You can stay in resorts, such at Tan-Tar-A or Lodge of the Four Seasons. You can rent a condo or cabin on the water. Or you can just get a hotel. The watersports are endless from boating, to fishing, to jet skiing, to water blobbing, to parasailing. There is absolutely no short of fun things to do on the lake. Restaurants on the water are a lot of fun and can get pretty wild, so be cautious if you take your young kids there on a Friday or Saturday night.

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  1. This is great to add to our history and geography studies! Pretty sure we HAVE to be related to the Throwed Rolls people. I must go there.

  2. We need to go to Branson again sometime and see if it is better. We went long before children and we timed it badly - everything was closed! We did get to see a neat music store and worship with an amazing small church but everything else was a bust! I keep hearing about how great it is so someday I'll have to make it back. Now, the mountains and the lake - I would love that! It was my favorite part of driving up to Branson. - Lori H


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