Thursday, October 1, 2015

First Day - October

Welcome to my monthly photo collage of the first day of the month. (This was originally a link up with Nicole at Journey to Josie, but I am not sure if she is doing it anymore. I still enjoy capturing these images so will keep doing it each month.) 

The first day of October was a beautiful day! We got lots of schoolwork done, did a little fall decorating and some cooking, and got caught up on a little bit of t.v.

Started my morning with some blog reading.

This one scammed a waffle before work.

Pumpkin bread!

It was chilly today. Love it!

These two and their Pokemon.

Time for a little porch decorating!

Back door guests are best!

Such a weird gardening season. Still pulling out produce.

What's this? The bottom of my laundry basket?

My granddog Yadi settled down with Nana to watch ....

... my man! Hallelujah for the return of Criminal Minds!

And Yadi's down .. daddy's home from work.

Watching some scary movie trailers.

The Italian Cream Cake I made for my dad's birthday tomorrow.

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