Thursday, October 15, 2015

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Last Week, in Florida

We had a great week of school last week! We were in sunny Florida at Grandma and Papa's house. School, you say? Yes! There are many things that we do when we go there to vacation that we count as school hours.

Have you ever boogie boarded in the ocean? That's P.E. (and the sore bodies of both kids the next day proved that they had received a good workout). Have you ever driven through a new state or explored a new city with inquisitive kids? That's history and geography! And the field trips! Even eating at a historic restaurant counts as school.

We spent Sunday through Thursday in Pensacola relaxing, playing, and hitting the beach.

On Friday we drove from Pensacola to Atlanta to stay at the Omni Hotel at the CNN Center. Rick flew into Atlanta and met us to share in the rest of our vacation. Once we checked into the hotel we headed out the door to walk to dinner at The Varsity. It was about a mile-long walk, but downtown Atlanta is beautiful so we enjoyed our stroll! We walked through Centennial Park which was worth the trip in and of itself.

After dinner we walked through Georgia Tech campus, rode the SkyView, the kids played in the Olympic Rings fountain at Centennial Park, and we finished the night with a moonlight swim in the hotel pool.

On Saturday morning we had breakfast at Waffle House, and then went on a tour of CNN. That was the whole reason for the trip! The kids absolutely love CNN Student News and Carl Azuz and seeing the CNN headquarters was on their bucket list. We had a great day!

After the tour we made the 5 hour trip back to Pensacola. And that was the first half of our vacation. I'll share the rest of it at the end of the week.

2015-2016 Hours Logged - 166 1/4 hours out of 1,000 required hours (31 hours outside home)
Plus 167 Summer Hours


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  1. There's so much to do in a very small area of downtown ATL, isn't there? I'm glad you had such a good time. I'm always proud to call it our home!


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