Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat

It's back! Well, Leslie has had her Tuesday Coffee Chat prompts up and running for over a month now, but I am just now getting back on board.

My kids went to the midnight release of Halo 5 last night, and it's a rainy morning, so I am letting them sleep in a bit today. This gives me a great excuse to sit in bed with my coffee and my dogs and ponder today's question ...

The long work day is done, you arrive home and the first thing you do ..... ?

Oh, this is an easy one.

I am just imagining our typical Wednesdays. We do schoolwork all day, then drive 30 minutes to Eli's speech therapy in the afternoon, drive home and drop Brynne off at softball pitching practice for an hour, run home to get ready for our hosted enrichment class, pick Brynne up from pitching and pick up one of the kids for class, come home and host class for an hour and a half.

Then when the last kid walks out the door to go to his/her own home ....

I go straight to my bedroom and put on my pjs. 

Yep, after a long day my body needs my comfy pjs, robe, and slippers. I have arthritis and any regular clothes at the end of a busy day are screaming to get off of me. My body is so achy and tired and needs to be comfortable. The second I put on my pjs, robe, and slippers, I can feel myself relax. My achy legs and back almost take an audible sigh of relief.

On those busy Wednesdays, what do I do next?

I immediately fix a cup of chai tea. Then I serve my kids whatever easy dinner I have prepared for that evening. We eat and I clean up, which takes just a few minutes because we just had an easy dinner. Then .... I hit the couch. I watch Survivor then Criminal Minds then Law and Order: SVU. And then I go to bed and read.

This is pretty much every Wednesday.

And if we have had a really busy day on a different day of the week doing something else, like a field trip or sporting event, I do much of the same but just watch different shows at night.

How about you? What do you do first thing after a busy day? Join Leslie at Ink Interrupted to share.


  1. Fuzzy pajama's is a perfect ending to a busy day!

  2. PJs and Tea sound perfect!! And I often have chai tea in the early evening too, and then switch to a green tea after dinner. Love Criminal Minds!! Every year I say, okay -- I should find a new show, I've been watching this forever. And then... I get sucked back in again because I just love all the characters. Also, Morgan. :)


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