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Tuesday Coffee Chat

On November 8, my last Tuesday Coffee Chat post, I talked about some of my plans for doing something for myself. That was the challenge.

I rambled a lot in my post because I had been feeling very blah/lost/apathetic/etc. I just hadn't felt myself for quite some time.

My goal was to read a chapter a day out of A Woman After God's Own Heart by Elizabeth George and allow God to be infused more into my daily activities. So, how did I do?

I did not read a chapter a day. But, I did start reading it and have been reading it slowly and absorbing it into my life. It's a good book with lots of insight. Throughout my reading I realized some other things I need ...

* I need to lighten up about relationships and just allow them to be what they are, to allow people to have the flaws that they have and worry more about my own flaws than theirs.

* I need to start my day with God so have been enjoying a daily devotional sent right to my phone via Joyce Meyer's app. It starts my day off right.

* I need to get back out on the pavement and run. Running helps me clear my head and makes my body feel so much better.

* I need to keep things simple. So my Christmas decorating this year consisted of buying a small $20 artificial tree to decorate and only putting out stockings and few other things. I love the glow of the Christmas lights and a little greenery, but I don't like clutter so this fits my need for order. I actually wasn't angry the entire time I was decorating this year. That's new for me so this simple thing must be a key to my peace.

* I am reading for pleasure every day and taking some time to binge watch some television series (really from Netflix and Amazon) in my quiet time.

* I am doing most of this by getting up earlier in the morning and starting my day before the rest of the family. It really does make a difference for me even though I would love to sleep in a little later.

* I have started taking a supplement called Vitex (chasteberry) in hopes that it will help regulate my hormones. I think that my hormone imbalances may be a big part in the feelings I have been experiencing these past several months. I am trying everything I can to keep from taking synthetic hormones, so am hopeful this will help some.

The holidays can be a very exhausting time for an introvert. Taking care of myself may seem selfish to others but it really is a necessity. Doing the things I have mentioned in this post really make me feel more refreshed and ready to tackle the busyness of this season. I am looking forward to spending time with my family enjoying the holidays.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to pop in to the blog world. I have been MIA since May (I think), and I don't plan to begin blogging again at this point. (I started a Facebook page for Our Side of the Mountain instead.) I hope you are well!

    1. I really miss you, Jessy! I'm not on Facebook so I won't be able to check in with you. Take care of yourself!!

  2. It's smart to take care of yourself. You can't give out of a dry well.

  3. I understand this. I too, have not felt myself lately. I am taking steps to bring myself back into balance but you have to be so intentional, otherwise I find that my needs slip to the end of the family order. We are enjoying a slow week and as we head into December I am incorporating some of the same things you are. I wish you well! ~Jessica

    1. It definitely takes intent! I my morning schedule is even a tad off, those very important things don't get done.

  4. I relate to soooo much of this!! I do the same thing regarding a morning devotional, or at least some kind of inspiration/spiritual reading so that when I turn the alarm off on my phone at waking, it is Right There waiting. It certainly does set your mind frame to the right setting first thing in the morning. And I don't know if it is my age of mid 40s, but I too found that I was having more days of not quite feeling myself. In fact some days seemed just full of anger -- and for what??? And that's why I started my own journey of including in my days, along with the care of home and children and volunteer, etc etc. the things that made my heart happy and soul filled. Exercise was a BIG part, because I was tired of feeling tired, ya know? But bringing Art - in many forms - into my daily life was the biggest. I just finally accepted that is a huge part of Who I am, and though pretty much no one in my actual life "gets it' -- it doesn't matter because it's for me.

    1. We have to do something for ourselves! Reading is my thing. I am glad you are finding time for your art!


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