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Whoa, Nellie ~ The Election

Do you know who hasn't made an appearance on the blog in a while? ... my opinionated, possibly evil twin sister, Nellie. And she has some things to say. I have to warn you: Nellie does not have a filter, and she's been quiet for too long, so gird your loins.

I saw someone post their early voter sticker on their IG account today with the caption that they "threw up in their mouth a little" when they voted. That made me mad. Grow up, people! We have four candidates in the presidential election. Do your research, pray, and then vote, unabashedly. If it drives you to the point of vomiting, then sit this one out. And then don't bitch and moan when things happen that you don't like.

I am a Trump supporter. There. I said it. I am not choosing the least of two evils. I am not vomiting on my way to the polling place. I have researched these two candidates and what they can do for me and my family, and I have decided that Donald Trump is the one to do it best. If you are voting for Hillary Clinton, you are wrong. There. I said that, too. If you like the shit-hole condition of our country and the direction it's been going in for the past 8 years, then go ahead and vote for that lying, cheating, conniving woman. If you want all of your constitutional rights stripped from you, then vote for her. If you want the government to control every single aspect of your life, and lie to you while they are doing it, then vote for her. If you want change, then don't.

Why am I voting for Donald Trump? I think the following response from someone else on the internet sums it up best:

Because I use my head to research and find out what candidates really are, not what the media wants me to think. 

Because Donald Trump has more women in executive and managerial positions than any comparable company, which tells me he is not a misogynist.

Because he pays these women the same or more than their male counterparts, which tells me looks for capacity and skills in people, not color, gender or race.

Because he fought the West Palm Beach City Council to be able to open his newly purchased club, so he could include blacks and Jews as members, who had been banned until then. This tells me he is not a racist.

Because he has raised wonderful children who have turned out to be outstanding, hard-working and compassionate adults. He must be doing something right.

Because his economic plans makes sense, are conservative in nature, and I vote based on what is best for my family, my friends and my country.

Because everybody, the left and the right are afraid of him, the media is trying to destroy his image, and even foreign governments are voicing their opinions, so he must be doing something right. Clean house maybe?

Because I want a Supreme Court that will uphold the Constitution, not behave as minions of the administration. I have had enough with judges who are more like political activists than law enforcers.

Because I fear for my family’s safety if the current trend of not confronting blatant terrorism continues – which is a threat to our way of life.

Because I am fed up with the rampant corruption of this administration. Accountability in government is paramount, and as this administration has demonstrated, it is a foreign concept to them.

Because I am fed up with the political correctness gone wild, and because Trump is not afraid to say what everybody thinks but does not dare to say. A thug is a thug, regardless of color, and that's it.

Because it is about time someone puts America's interests ahead of other countries.

Because I know he recognizes and embraces America's exceptionalism, and will not tour the World apologizing for who we are. That tells me he is a patriot.

Because, unlike HRC, he has actually held a job, worked hard and achieved success.

And last, but not least, because I am more offended by what Hillary does than by what Trump says.

I also think we have become this weak, hamby-pamby, get our panties in a wad over every stupid little thing kind of country. I am not one to get offended easily, if at all. So, honestly, I don't care if Donald Trump has said some crude things. I have said some crude things. Am I not allowed to be a possible conduit for change because I have said crude things? I sure hope that's not the test.

One thing Donald Trump has said that has stuck with me is that this campaigning process has changed him as a man. He has always been at the top looking down. But during his travels with real American people he has been changed by them and what he has seen. He has never denied anything he has said and done. He has admitted his opinions and failures and successes and has also admitted that he has changed some of his opinions throughout the course of this election process.

How about Hillary? Oh, dear Lord. That woman has been plotting her power trip for 30 years. And if you think she hasn't, you are blind. It has been a calculated plan. I honestly think Donald Trump woke up one day and said, "I've had enough. Somebody needs to do something!" I am praying he is successful in his quest for change. Because, people, anything is better than what is going on right now.

But here is one belief on which I absolutely stand: No matter what happens in this election, which candidate is left standing victorious, God has this. Period. If it turns out in the way I do not want, I know that God is allowing it to happen that way based on HIS plan, not Donald's and not Hillary's.

What God wants from me is for me to pray, vote, pray some more, and then get my butt into my home and family and start being a conduit for change there! We all need to do this. We need to be kinder to our parents and siblings, better friends and lovers to our spouses, more loving parents to our children (and by that I mean do what our kids need instead of what they want), love our neighbors when we can, mind our own business otherwise, and take care of our own bodies. If every person did that within the walls of their own homes, instead of trying to control what everybody else is doing, we would be a healed nation. Period.

So for the next four days I am going to spend some time in prayer. I am a Christian woman.

And as a Christian woman, on Tuesday, I am voting for Donald Trump.


  1. Thank you for this! Very well done.

  2. Right on! I have already voted for him, so at least he has one for sure already! :)


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