Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hold that Thought!

Do you like notebooking? Wait ... Hold that Thought!

Yes, that's the notebooking resource we will be using next year.

We have tried lapbooking, and I know lots of people use it and love it. But we always felt like we spent so much time cutting and pasting and it required tons of work on my part to get the pieces prepared. We didn't like it.

Instead we found ourselves taking our units and making copies of all of our worksheets, etc., that we planned to use and binding them together in a manila folder with yarn. Brynne seemed to enjoy them, they were organized by topic, and she could look at them anytime she wanted. It also gave her more room for free writing and drawing.

Both Dawson (9th grade) and Brynne (2nd grade) will be doing a full year study of U.S. History next year. I have purchased them each a 3-ring binder and we are going to notebook our study of America.

While searching for notebooking pages for the themes we will cover, I came across a notebooking publisher called  Hold that Thought!

They have full notebooking pages on cd for Advanced History and Beginner's History. A great deal offered by the publisher, if you order from their website, is that when you purchase one cd, they will give you another cd of your choice for free! I ordered (and paid for) the Advanced History notebooking cd for about $25.00. Then I requested the Beginner's History as my free cd. When I got them in the mail, I also received a Geography cd for free!!!

I took a few minutes this weekend and looked at the contents of the cds. Oh. my. goodness. There is so much material, I can't even believe it! The notebooking pages are beautiful and thorough! I am so excited that I want to start planning and printing the pages and assemblying the notebooks right now!

We are not planning to cover Geography this year, but in a couple of years we are going to do an 'Around the World in 180 Days' self-built curriculum and that Geography cd will come in so handy!! For now, however, it will be priceless as we travel all over America in our U.S. History study. We will be able to incorporate some amazing maps into our notebooks.

You have got to go look at the notebooking options at Hold that Thought!  I think I have hit the jackpot!!


  1. I am going to check this out right now! We love notebooking - and sometimes I agree that lapbooking gets kind of labor intensive.


  2. *hee hee* Looks as if you are having fun figuring out what to use next year! ;^)


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