Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stop the Presses!!!

Just after I posted about our plans to use Math Mammoth for our primary daily math lessons, my friend Stacey from BraininTrainin recommended MEP ~ Mathematics Enhancement Programme.

And I am in love.

So much, in fact, that I printed the first 30 lessons of the Practice Book, Lesson Plans and Copy Masters. They will go in a binder and we will use this curriculum (FREE, btw) for our math lessons. We will do them on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday we will do Living Math. We don't do formal school on Fridays because of Homeschool Coop.

What attracted me to MEP? It is heavily logic based with a heavy emphasis on word problems. It's not just 2+2 ... it's figuring out why there is 2+2.

It's not "paper math" even though the answers are written on a worksheet. The math is primarily done in the mind.


MEP follows the hungarian methods of math. Hungary is ranked 6th in the world for mathematics. The United States is ranked 14th.

You should go check it out. It's interesting, looks fun and engaging. I am confident we will love it!

Math Mammoth will be put aside. I'll be honest, I liked it when I purchased it. But after Brynne and my conversation about how she does not like "paper math", I was worried. Math Mammoth is paper math.

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