Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ The Last One

This is technically the last Weekly Wrap-up of this school year for Journey to Excellence. School is over for us. Yay!!

I didn't plan on schooling over the summer. I thought we'd just have fun. But, then education started becoming a way of life, instead of an institution. That happens in homeschooling, I have found. So, looks like school will continue, somewhat, over the summer. The older two kids won't be required to do anything formal. Kyndal will be working at her job, sleeping late and hanging out with her friends. And other than reading, and working with his grandpa for a couple of weeks, Dawson won't be doing anything other than being a teenager.

At Eli's IEP meeting it was clear that he needs some reading reinforcement this summer so that he is fully prepared for 2nd grade next year. And Brynne loves to read. So the two of them will be doing reading lessons every day (a reading lesson sheet, Saxon reader and silent reading). And Eli really wants to learn about China. So I am going to order Expedition China from Amanda Bennett for us to do, as well. It will be fun to include him in our homeschooling this summer. There will also be lots of weekly activities and Coop summer activities, so we will be busy and will be having fun. That's what summer's all about, right?

Because of all of this summer learning, Wrap-ups will continue, I am sure. Plus, there's all the progress in curriculum-building for next year.

This week was a finishing-up week. Dawson had a list of things he had to complete, and he did it by Thursday afternoon.

Brynne and I spent the week discussing animal habitats, characteristics and adaptations. We did Venn Diagrams, sorting and lots of discussing (in preparation for going to the zoo).

She read several books she had checked out from the library.

And then we finished our week off by going to the zoo. We attempted to complete an A to Z Scavenger Hunt, and did almost all of the letters. But, we got distracted by the treats in store for us while we were there. The chimpanzees were especially rambunctious. We laughed and laughed at the two kids fighting over a stick. We could sit and watch those chimps all day!

The cheetah made a rare appearance up close and personal. Usually he's hiding or sleeping.

The river otters were in a playful mood and the prairie dogs even came out of hiding to see us.

The 120 year old tortoises were awake and eating near the fence.

And Brynne got to see her beautiful giraffes that she loves so much.

It was a beautiful day and a perfect way to end the school year. We even took Eli out of school at noon (his last day of public school this year) so he could go with us. Kyndal had finals so she had to stay at school.

Daddy treated us to dinner out to celebrate our great year. And then I came home and got in my jammies and vegged on the couch because I was exhausted! I went to bed at 9:30 p.m. and crashed.

What a great, great year!! Now let's start getting ready for the next one.

Thanks to Kris for hosting Weekly Wrap-up every week! I have gotten so many great ideas from it and have learned so much about homeschooling and myself.


  1. Fun week! And you're right: just because the workbooks are put away and formal school is over for a bit, we never stop the learning. :)

  2. I didn't realize that some of your kids were also in public school! LOL LOVE GIRAFFES! We'll be doing some light schooling through the summer months too...and hopefully planning for me (if I ever decide on curriculum)! LOL


  3. Hi, my foot steps are from the weekly wrap up. I totally agree with you when you say we never stop schooling. I made that same statement in my post. We are officially finished for our scool year also, but already have plans for some things we are wanting to dab in this summer.


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