Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Favorites

This week was kind of a blur .. just trudging along trying to get done what we need to get done.

Brynne did finish her alphabet study and she was thrilled! Each week she did a tracer page, made a mini-book, did a word search for her letter-of-the-week, and read four books about the letter. She completed "Z" this week.

We finished up our Princess study and concentrated on 1 Peter 2:9 and Psalm 45:13, the fact that she is a common girl chosen by God to be His princess. We read the scriptures and she copied them. We also correlated the importance of taking our role as princess seriously, just like the new Princess Catherine has to take her role as princess seriously.

Here is my favorite princess.

Speaking of favorites, here is a picture of Dawson's favorite homeschool lunch: garden vegetable Ritz crackers, sliced mozzarella cheese and pepperonis.

With studying the Italian Renaissance, we continued to discuss the artists of that time, and read more of I, Juan de Pareja. That's a great book! Diego Valesquez was a great artist and man!

And while we are talking about great works of art, here are a couple of mine.

We took Thursday off and went into Philbrook Museum in Tulsa. You can read all about that here and see some beautiful photos.

Dawson also made a planets book. He drew and colored a picture of each planet and included five facts about each. We bound it together for Brynne to use next year on our planned solar system study.

Are ya'll tired? I am. I am ecstatic that we only have one more week left of school. We have some fun things planned, and I'll post about that later this weekend.

Lots of homeschools have closed shop for the summer. I see that many will continue on with some sort of schooling throughout. My older two will not have any school, but I will still reinforce reading with my younger two.

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  1. I am! I'm ready for a break! We've been wrapping up school for a couple of weeks! We'll continue through the summer with a few things - 1 for each child - but otherwise it's time to enjoy the nice weather...if only our weather was nice! ;)


  2. What a great and full week you have had. It was a pleasure to read about it!

  3. i am ready for a break also!! we mostly do little things here and there to keep the gears from freezing over and keep us out of the heat when necessary. have a great last week!!


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