Saturday, July 7, 2012

Learn Our History ~ Election Day: Choosing our President

After an extensive American History study with Dawson this past year, my children's extreme interest in the United States, and the upcoming election (Dawson and I will also be studying Current Events and Government this year), I was excited to learn about the DVD offer from Learn Our History by Mike Huckabee.

I knew that I would want to have a unit study on the Election, and even purchased one from Amanda Bennett, but I was still worried about my ability to adequately teach the ins and outs of the election to two third graders. Honestly, the electoral college, conventions, elephants, GOP, and right or left wing jargon leaves me confused! I was never taught what any of this means. Obviously being a part in electing our nation's leaders is the most important job any one of us will do as Americans, so being knowledgeable about the process is important!

Although the DVD entitled "Election Day: Choosing our President" came at a cost of $9.95 plus shipping and handling, I thought it was a price worth paying. The purchase also includes another FREE DVD about Columbus, 6 special gifts, FREE online streaming, and FREE learning guides, downloadable games, maps, timelines and more.

If you would like one of these DVD's you can go HERE to order. 

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