Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Third Grade Curriculum ~ FIAR

Today's topic on Schoolhouse Review Crew's Back-to-Homeschool Blog Hop is Curriculum. Being a literature-based unit study freak, Five in a Row is the perfect curriculum for us ... when we use it.

I also do a lot of building of my own unit studies, and I like to "backwards" plan unit studies. What this means is that I search for local events, plays, movies, etc., that interest us. Then I build a literature-based unit off that event. So, the first thing I did in planning for the school year was to calendar all of the events I already know about that could have a fun unit study attached to it ... THEN I supplemented our school year with Five in a Row units. It works great!

Although FIAR has many different levels to it's units (Social Studies, Geography, Science, Art, Math), we will have separate, daily studies in some other areas:

All About Spelling
Easy Grammar
Copywork (based on the unit we are doing, usually a poem or a quote)
Handwriting Without Tears ~ Cursive Writing
WriteShop Primary
Math Enhancement Programme (MEP)
Usborne Treasury of Art
Nature with Barb at Handbook of Nature Study and natural exploration

As you can see, writing is a big deal to me. We do many of these things daily, and concentrate on Art and Nature studies on Friday.

We are looking forward to a fun year of learning.

If you need some other curriculum ideas, see what other Crew members are using by clicking on the links below.


  1. Love how you plan your studies around the events. Awesome!

  2. We're obviously in the same frame of mind....I'm actually sitting at my computer planning FIAR for this year and making lists of field trips! Funny.

  3. Oh, Nicole, don't worry about the e-mail. (For some reason I couldn't e-mail through your profile...) My son will be home one more year. (The charter school has postponed opening until next fall.)


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