Wednesday, July 25, 2012

U is for Unexpected

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that this homeschooling journey started for us when Dawson was getting ready to enter the 8th grade. At his request, we brought him home for school. It was something that had never crossed my mind as something I would want to do. We really started out of necessity. But, it quickly became a lifestyle that enriched not only his education, but our relationship, as well.

Off and on Dawson has expressed a desire to return to public school. However, sending him back to our huge school, with the same issues as when he left, was just not something I could bring myself to do. I knew in my heart that having him home was what was best for him.

And then we received an opportunity to move back to my little childhood hometown in Missouri. It is a small town of less than 3,000 people. The class sizes in the schools are about 40-50. The high school is the one from which I graduated.

When Dawson learned we would be moving, I gave him the option of continuing with homeschooling or going back to public school. He immediately stated he wanted to go back to school. Strangely, I had been having trouble "getting into" the planning for his classes this year, and I hadn't ordered any of his curriculum. I guess God knew what was in store for us.

I will go with Dawson on Monday and enroll him in school. This is a very bittersweet situation for me. I think you can tell what a special relationship I have with Dawson. We have enjoyed our time together over the past two years. We have learned a lot together and about each other. We have grown very close. I will desperately miss him during the day. I also know that getting involved in more daily interaction with kids his age will pull him out of the home more and more. It's always nice to know that he's upstairs, even if he's not hanging out with us. But, I have peace that it's time. He has matured and learned a lot over the past two years and I think he's ready for the new challenges.

He is an extremely bright young man. And, without all of the pressures of a big school, I think he will do great. And, he has the option of coming back home to finish high school should he decide that public school is just not for him. I will let him make those decisions.

What about Eli and Brynne? Rick and I have bought into this homeschooling gig so much that we will continue to homeschool them until they graduate from high school. We will have many opportunities for them to make friends, so socialization will not be an issue, even in a small town. We will be joining a co-op in a local city. We will go to church. The opportunities will be endless. And, we will be just a couple minute walk away from family.

All of this happened very quickly. I went home to Missouri one weekend to see my newly born niece and came home with a house. It really happened that simply. Moving to my hometown was not anything Rick and I had even discussed up until that weekend. It all just "happened" for us. And, he hasn't even seen the house that will be legally ours on Friday.

It's just crazy. It's Unexpected. It's awesome!

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  1. Wow. And wow. I can't imagine. We have been in one home for 24 years. I can see the draw to a smaller town and being near family though. It kind of sounds like God is just picking your up and plunking you down in a new location! What an adventure for your family!


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