Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Activities

Do you participate in a Countdown-to-Christmas? Each year we prepare a countdown chain (including a link for Eli's birthday which is on the 22nd). On the chain I provide activities for us to do as a family each day, doing things such as baking, watching Christmas movies, seeing Christmas lights, etc. The kids look so forward to tearing off a link of the chain each day and doing the fun activity!

This year I wanted to make sure I included some specific Advent activities, as well. So in place of our normal morning Bible lessons, we will be using Thriving Family's "Adventures in Odyssey Advent Activity Calendar". There are simple and meaningful activities to do each day with your children to help them focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Each day starts with a Bible reading and continues with the object lesson.

You can go HERE to download your FREE calendar!

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  1. I posted my 25 keeping Christ in Christmas books. While my youngest is past the picture book phase she says she still loves all these books and looks forward to them.


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