Thursday, December 19, 2013


Each morning when I look at my e-mail account, it is flooded with junk e-mails. If I do not have time to deal with them right then, then before you know it I have about 600 e-mails that need sorted. It is overwhelming!

As I feel the suffocating effects of clutter in my life, both physical and mental, I feel the need to delete some things. And I have started with my e-mail account.

Each morning this week I have spent some time unsubscribing to e-mails from companies. I have especially unsubscribed from companies where I would be tempted to spend money! I do not want to know what percentage I can get off from Hollister or Old Navy or Kohls any longer. When I know how much money I can save, it tempts me to spend. And I need to spend less.

I do not want to know what exotic place I can vacation at a greatly discounted rate. I am not going anywhere, and all it does is cause me to feel a lack of contentment because I am not going there.

I get e-mails from Twitter and Pinterest, and I do not want them! I only have a Twitter account to post my homeschool product reviews, so I do not care what celebrities are saying. And I absolutely do not have the time or inclination to keep up with all that Pinterest has to offer. No thank you! I only signed up to be able to organize some of my homeschooling ideas. All Pinterest does is make me feel like I should be doing more, more, more when I want to be doing less, less, less.

I have found a way to overcommit myself in this small town where we live. And I am feeling the effects of it as we enter this Christmas season. I am tired and grumpy and any little bump in life sets me off.

So, I choose to Delete some distractions and get back to cozying up in my little home with my family, enjoying some good books and some quiet time.


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  2. Oh, how I can relate! I won't even tell you how many emails I have in my main email account....not to mention my 4 other ones. 13,000 last I checked. I honestly don't know why I still have them all. I never check them. I do all of my corresponding through Facebook anymore. But, I completely understand your desire to delete, delete, delete! Maybe I'll do that, too! Merry Christmas!

  3. Amen sister... even the ones I want to have time to read have gathered up (like getting to this post, ha!). Maybe if I hit the delete button on the frivolous, I can make time for the meaningful. Bless you Nicole, I love your posts and ponderings! ~Sheri


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